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We are a dedicated team, passionate about changing the legal status of marijuana!

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These Guys Run the Place

Chris Cano

Christopher Cano
Executive Director

Armed with a Masters in Public Administration from the University of South Florida
with years of political experience, Chris is dedicated to fighting for marijuana reform.
His daily struggles to ensure his father has adequate access to medical cannabis
motivates him make a difference.

Carlos Hermida

Carlos Hermida
Deputy Director

Carlos is a true advocate for marijuana reform with real concern and focus on the patients.
He holds an M.B.A. from Nova Southeastern University and is also a former Valedictorian.
In addition, Mr. Hermida is a proud graduate of Oaksterdam University where he received medical cannabis training.


Our Dedicated Team

Fighting for Marijuana Rights!

Morris Jones

Morris Jones

From the music industry to private security, Morris has decades of experience in a variety of industries. Morris is a true advocate for marijuana policy reform and believes in creating fair marketplace standards for marijuana businesses.

Alberto Jauregui

Alberto Jauregui
Director of Communications

Alberto is the youngest member of the executive board, but his advocacy knows no bounds.
Mr. Jauregui is the President of the University of South Florida's Student Chapter of NORML.
Pursuing degrees in Psychology and Communications with a concentration in Public Advocacy,
Alberto certainly has a bright future in marijuana activism.

Cliff Burt

Cliff Burt
Director of Marketing

Cliff has educated thousands of people on the benefits of marijuana and marijuana reform.
A former executive of the tobacco industry, Cliff decided to reform his career and life direction.
He now advocates for a plant whose medicinal benefits can save millions of lives.