Do We Finally Believe John Morgan Isn’t Running for Governor?

John Morgan

Many were hoping John Morgan’s declarations in November of not running for governor in 2018 were a ruse. His talk of independence from the party system still felt like it left a door wide open to enter the race. After all, in July he compared running for governor to being in a horse race and deciding to bet when they hit the final stretch. Even after he spoke at a function last month many thought it was still just talk. Apparently his speech in December about dedicating time to raising the minimum wage may have been more truthful than we thought. On January 10th, Florida For a Fair Wage filed a ballet initiative with the state of Florida, with John Morgan as their Chairperson.  Read the full details here, but it’s summary states that the initiative would raise the minimum wage to $10 hr and $1 each year until it reaches $15 per hour. This may be the final indicator that the allure of politics was not enough to overcome the headache of politics. The question we may be asking Mr Morgan next is who will he endorse for governor if he indeed is dedicating his time in 2018 towards Florida For a Fair Wage.

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