Central Florida NORML: Moving Forward In The Sunshine State

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Our Mission

Legalize it.

Our Story

Central Florida NORML was started in 2014 during the efforts to pass Amendment 2 in order to focus the public conversation on patients and responsible marijuana use.  Since our inception, CFL NORML has worked to ensure that the public is educated and understands their civil rights when it comes to utilizing marijuana.

Our members comprise a network of citizen-activists committed to ending marijuana prohibition and legalizing marijuana for all responsible users.

Meet Our Board

Welcome our new additions to the CFL NORML Board of Directors.


Tiffany Lewis

Director of Finance


Michael Thompson

Director of Communications


Veronica Azucena

Director of Membership


Carla Shinn

Director of Events and Marketing


Gary Stein, MPH

Director of Public Policy

Next Steps...

Central Florida NORML is a member-driven organization which means we can't legalize it without you!

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