Cannabis Advocates Win Big Victory By Stopping Dispensary Ban in Orange County, Florida

       For the past month patients have wondered if Orange County Commissioners would cut off access to medical marijuana dispensaries.  After 7-2 vote from the Planning and Zoning Board to move forward with a ban on Medical Marijuana Treatment Centers in unincorporated Orange County, the Board of County Commissioners held two public hearings to discuss the ban on dispensaries.  As the fifth largest county in America, such a ban would cut off access for over a million people and foster limited options for patients in Central Florida to less than a handful of MMTC’s.  On October 31st, patients from around the state gave heartfelt pleas to vote against the ban.  On November 14th, patients and advocated alike came out to give another round of testimony and the BOCC took up a vote.  Commissioners unanimously voted to allow for MMTC’s in Orange County.  It was only through the passion and dedication of so many that the hearts and minds of these public officials were swayed.  The cannabis community can relish in this victory, yet understand that there is much work to do with other municipalities and counties still considering bans.  Let us enjoy the win, but remain ever vigilant as we continue to push reform and end prohibition in Florida.

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