Florida Medical Cannabis Registry Keeps Growing

It is easy to be discouraged about Florida’s medical cannabis system. It is a system that has grown in baby steps to say the least.  With only 13 licenses to grow and dispense cannabis given out in the state, and only 27 dispensaries opened in the state so far, it is hard to see much […]

Do We Finally Believe John Morgan Isn’t Running for Governor?

Many were hoping John Morgan’s declarations in November of not running for governor in 2018 were a ruse. His talk of independence from the party system still felt like it left a door wide open to enter the race. After all, in July he compared running for governor to being in a horse race and […]

John Morgan

Judge Rules Florida Patients May Be Able to Grow Their Own Cannabis

A Leon County Circuit Court judge ruled that the state medical cannabis laws should allow Tampa Bay area, high-profile strip club owner, Joe Redner to grow the cannabis plant on his own and referred his lawsuit against the Florida department of Health for trial. An order issued Wednesday, Judge Karen Gievers wrote that the medical […]