Our Vision

A world where responsible cannabis users are not persecuted can be realized.  Our nation was built by cannabis farmers and for centuries it was utilized not just as an industrial crop, but a medicine.  We seek to usher in a renewed era of freedom and medical research by bringing an end to cannabis prohibition.


Meet the Team

Central Florida NORML's Executive Board is a team of professionals dedicated to reforming the marijuana laws of Florida and defending the rights of all patients and responsible marijuana users.

Christopher Cano

Christopher C. Cano, MPA

Co-Founder & Executive Director

Armed with multiple degrees from the University of South Florida and a background in public policy, Chris is dedicated to ensuring CFL NORML accomplishes its mission.  As a co-founder of Central Florida NORML he remains dedicated to protecting the civil rights of all responsible cannabis users.


Carla Shinn

Director of Events & Marketing

Bio Coming Soon


Michael Thompson

Director of Communications

Known for creating some of the largest digital cannabis followings in the state of Florida, Michael is committed to legalizing cannabis.  His ability to make online cannabis content go viral in multiple states and across the internet makes him key player in the cannabis reform movement.  As a technologist, growth hacker, and industry entrepreneur he advises businesses, organizations and public figures alike on how to replicate success at maximizing digital marketing for increased engagement, growth, and branding.

Carlos Hermida

Carlos J.A. Hermida, MBA

Co-Founder & Deputy Director

Possessing a Masters in Business Administration from Nova Southeastern University and undergraduate degrees from the University of South Florida, Carlos is an exemplar of compassionate entrepreneurship in the cannabis industry.  As a co-founder of CFL NORML he ensures people come first.


Gary J. Stein, MPH

Director of Public Policy

As an advocate, activist, and author, Gary provides content for numerous publications including the Huffington Post, Florida Politics, Health News Florida to name a few.  Possessing a Masters in Public Health Education & Health Policy from Johns Hopkins School of Public Health, for two decades he worked for the Centers for Disease Control tracking HIV, TB, and other STD's across Florida.  As program director with the Florida Department of Health, Gary oversaw the Hillsborough County Tobacco Control & Prevention and the Health Equity Programs.  Seeing how medical cannabis personally benefits members of his family with chronic debilitating conditions, Mr. Stein is an invaluable member of CFL NORML.  As author of The Great Green Hope he strives to educate those on the issues faced by those who need cannabis.


Veronica Azucena

Director of Membership

Bio Coming Soon






Tiffany Lewis

Director of Fianance

An alumni of the University of Central Florida, Tiffany's background in Business Management and Entrepreneurship make her an invaluable member of CFL NORML.  As a collegiate member of UCF's NORML chapter and a judge for the 2011 High Times Cannabis Cup she has been actively involved in cannabis industry.

How to Get Involved

Central Florida NORML is a member-driven organization which means we need you to end marijuana prohibition.